Moncler ready to move to Symbiosis

The agreement to move to Symbiosis, the new business district in South Milan, has already been signed, and plans for the future are brighter than ever. In a nutshell, this is the beginning of what is about to happen at Moncler. The Italian-French fashion company has in fact signed with Covivio, owner of the Symbiosis business district in Milan, a pre-lease agreement, lasting 15 years, to host the headquarters of the fashion brand.

Within the 38 thousand square meters of offices and commercial spaces to be built in the future, all Moncler employees will be grouped, which today are located in three different locations. With the move, Moncler plans to develop a totally customized headquarters, based on the elements that the company considers fundamental: sustainability, well-being and experience.

The complex that will house Moncler has not yet been built, but the project is ready, and bears the signature of the prestigious architecture and interior design studio Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel. Both spoke to the press, stating that “Moncler’s new HQ will make a strong contribution to the southern area of Milan”, and that “the corporate campus was designed using state-of-the-art architectural solutions to improve thermal efficiency and reduce energy consumption “.

Inside, the new Moncler complex will be modeled according to the evolution of the post-pandemic way of working, that is, using hybrid and aggregative environments, to accommodate heterogeneous work groups and thus promote cross-cutting collaboration, facilitating socialization and creativity at the same time.

Some old structures will also be reused: for example, this is the case of the old chimney in the area, a symbol of an industrial past that no longer exists, and which today is rapidly transforming into a present made up of services with a look constantly facing the future. The chimney has already been renovated, and will be reused to improve the thermal conditions of the building, introducing an external area inside a bioclimatic greenhouse built on the perimeter.

Covivio’s words

For Covivio spoke Alexei Dal Pastro, the CEO of the Italian division of the company. According to him, the collaboration with Moncler “confirms the great attractiveness of Symbiosis”, which is currently developing as one of the main corporate poles in Milan, thanks to its “126 thousand square meters, of which 100 thousand have already been built today. , sold at 96%; this means that the office market in Milan is more active and dynamic than ever “.

Confidence shines through his words, and admiration for what the Lombard capital has managed to accomplish in these hard years of pandemic: “Milan has been able to face the crisis with great resilience, and will also receive new impetus from the regeneration of the Porta Romana airport”.

Symbiosis: the new Milanese business center

Symbiosis, a business district located in the southern area of Milan, near Porta Romana, currently has 100,000 square meters of space ready, 96% marketed. It was developed in a broader context of urban redevelopment, at the hands of Covivio. The constructor’s idea is to create one of the most important redevelopment projects in Milan, in an entirely sustainable area.

Among the various buildings developed at Symbiosis, Building D stands out today, which will house the new Boehringer Ingelheim headquarters: a green building designed with energy efficiency and attention to the environment at its center, also thanks to a series of open spaces for common use, with tables, benches, fountains and shady areas.

There will also be a school, covering an area of 9200 square meters. It is the ICS Symbiosis, and it too will be revolutionary: it will host children from 4 to 18 years old in an international context, it will include kindergarten, primary and secondary school of first and second degree, and will provide a gym, a semi-Olympic swimming pool and a multipurpose playground.

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