In 2014 she graduated in Law with an international address at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, based in Milano.


Experience in international law studies both in São Paulo, Brazil in 2014 and in Lugano, Switzerland until 2016.

Active focus and management of legal cases especially in the civil, real estate, industrial, commercial, insurance and criminal law.

Active since 2016 in the Aurelio Dotti srl a family business, known under Dotti Interior Decoration brand, leader since 1860 in the luxury furniture sector. Here she performs its key function in opening a branch in downtown of London, UK.

It follows the administrative, legal and marketing part for a mostly international panorama.

She takes care and maintains the other Italian boutiques, guaranteeing an activity, suited to the attention to detail and to the supervision of priorities related to the real estate world, with particular attention to an increasingly demanding costumers.


Currently, she deals with the management of real estate assets and guarantees a greater profit of them.

In 2020 she obtained the license to practice as a real estate broker and deals with both sales and leases in the luxury residential sector, commercial areas and hotels.