US Consulate in Milan, work on the former shooting gallery is underway

The time has come, and the great construction site is about to leave. We are talking about the new headquarters of the American consulate of, which will be strategically positioned in piazzale Accursio, within the area known as “ex Tiro a sign”, state property: a new building will be built, with green connotations, and the Liberty buildings. But let’s see all the details.

To begin with, the signature of the colossal project was put by the SHoP Architects studio in New York, while the company that will be responsible for making Milan’s new American dream come true is Caddell Construction Company LLC of Montgomery (Alabama) . The dimensions? Titanic, in an American style: at the end of the works, in fact, 4 hectares of Milanese land will have been converted into the new US consulate.

The project in figures

Let’s start distributing numbers immediately, starting with the most important one: the price. There is talk of an amount equal to 65 million dollars for the entire project, a large part of which will go away to pay the more than 500 local construction workers who will alternate over several shifts, to ensure delivery of the work on time compared to the contracts in to be.

Everything revolves around a brand new building, which will house the offices of the American consulate and will be built according to the most modern environmental responsibility criteria, including solar panels, geothermal, water recovery system and window covering, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It will overlook an open and public space, which will be called Liberty plaza.

Alongside it, the historic buildings of the former shooting gallery will be restored, splendid examples of Art Nouveau architecture in Milan, which will be connected to the new main building through a wooden pavilion and a large water tank.

Finally, as regards the fate of the Art Nouveau buildings, they will be converted into exhibition spaces. It is to be imagined that they will host a vast American iconography, and that the installations and exhibitions will be able to connect the two continents in terms of art and culture.

The satisfaction of the Municipality

The councilor for urban regeneration Giancarlo Tancredi spoke for the Municipality of Milan. He claims to be “particularly happy”, since the process of entrusting the works for the US consulate in Milan “lasted many years, and the town planning management of the municipality collaborated decisively in carrying out the necessary steps, starting from the release. of permits up to the protection of the pre-existing historic building, passing through the reclamation of the land on which it will rise “.

Looking towards a green future

Tancredi continues, proud to have contributed to the regeneration and redevelopment of such an important area, but with an eye to eco-sustainability. “The building that will be built to house the US consulate will have Leed certification”, which consists of having high standards in terms of energy saving, high ecological quality and full compliance with environmental policies. According to Tancredi, “the municipal administration of Milan is firmly committed to minimizing the impact of new urban planning operations”.

The joy of the US consul in Milan

According to United States Consul General in Milan Robert S. Needham, the enthusiasm is palpable. “The project demonstrates the commitment of the United States to Northern Italy and especially to Milan”. The Consul is convinced that the new headquarters “will allow us to offer better services to American citizens who live in Milan and throughout Lombardy, and will allow us to interact better with the public”. Needham concludes his speech by thanking the institutions of the Lombard capital: “the support of the Municipality of Milan and the use of local workers is essential for the correct construction of the new complex, and we will be happy to continue to collaborate with the city to ensure a future bright for this project “.

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