Bosconavigli, the new version of the Vertical Forest arrives in Milan

The name already refers to its illustrious predecessor. It is Bosconavigli, a building destined to eclipse the success achieved by the Vertical Forest, which immediately became the most famous skyscraper in Milan.

As you can guess from the name, Bosconavigli will rise right in front of the Naviglio, with the works starting in the spring of 2022. Two and a half years of construction are planned, with the delivery of the first apartments by the end of 2024. The signature is there. put Stefano Boeri, a well-known Milanese architect whose architecture studio is based in Milan, Shanghai and Tirana, and full professor of Urban Planning at the Milan Polytechnic. Together with him also Arassociati, with the landscape design of AG&P greenscape.

The building

Bosconavigli will be a large building in the shape of a “U”, so that a courtyard can be created inside it. The facades will be dotted with trees, just like the Vertical Forest. The project, presented on 21 September, will be carried out by the Milano 5.0 company, which has numerous important Milanese developers and investors within it.

It will be built in via San Cristoforo, at the center of an important urban recovery project, thanks also to the renewal of the area of the former railway stations. The area that will occupy the building is now currently abandoned, and is about 8 thousand square meters wide, completely overlooking the Naviglio Grande.

An important feature of Bosconavigli is its vertical development through bleachers, so that many houses can have terraces and hanging gardens: the maximum height of 11 floors will in fact only be reached in a small portion of the building, and gradually move away, it will decrease until it reaches 3 floors.

They will not be just apartments, as the project also includes a gym, a swimming pool and even a space for coworking. All of this, of course, surrounded by greenery, with a 3000 square meter condominium park with a fitness trail, playground and cycle and pedestrian paths. And finally, the gem: the nearby railway will be decommissioned, and a New York High Line-style linear park will be created, like what perhaps, in the future, will become the Monteceneri-Serra overpass.

Green turn in Milan

On the facades, 170 trees and 8,000 shrubs will make a fine show, which will also act as a cooling system, reducing solar radiation on the structure, filtering the sun’s rays and allowing a reduction of heat on the facades by absorbing CO2. According to the architect Boeri, “in Bosco Verticale the air conditioners never turn on in the summer, because natural cooling of the plants is sufficient”.

But not only that: eco-sustainability will also be guaranteed by a series of measures such as photovoltaic panels, the collection of rainwater to irrigate gardens and balconies, and the production of geothermal energy.

The apartments of Bosconavigli

There will be about 90 apartments in Bosconavigli, divided into studios of 30 square meters, two-room apartments of 55 square meters, three-room and four-room apartments with balconies and terraces. Separate mention for penthouses and townhouses, villas on 3 floors with private gardens.

Prices are still being defined, but we are talking about 6300 euros per square meter, thus bringing the cost of a studio apartment to 190 thousand euros and that for a two-room apartment to about 350 thousand euros.

The criticisms

Not only praise: Bosconavigli is also at the center of some harsh criticisms, coming from the mayoral candidate Gabriele Mariani, who, interviewed, confirms that he would like to see “more real woods and not green facade. , but we do not think of public housing and less well-off people, forced to leave the city which has now become inaccessible due to precarious and low salaries “.

Mariani insists: “there is a glorification of housing for the rich, which results in a city with great inequalities. Milan needs more public housing and more real woods”.

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