Richard Gere’s villa in New York is for sale, at an amazing price

Do you have 28 million dollars available and don’t know how to spend it? Well, you could always buy Richard Gere’s mansion in New York. Located about 80 kilometers north of Manhattan, this incredible building went up for sale in mid-February 2022. At the current exchange rate it is around 24 million euros, a figure that is certainly not affordable for everyone. But those who decide to make the investment will find themselves in front of a timeless property, consisting of three floors, within a lush 50-hectare park with a private pond.

The interior of Richard Gere’s villa for sale leaves you breathless, even if only for the characteristics: There are 8 bedrooms available for the hosts, family members and guests, who can take advantage of 11 bathrooms, 9 fireplaces , but also a huge kitchen with a granite island, and a series of “minor” rooms, including a pottery workshop, a study, a music room, a riding stable and a panoramic terrace. The entire villa covers an area of ​​about 1000 square meters, and is furnished in a typically American country chic style. Beside it there are 4 other secondary buildings, used for the most disparate uses: guest house, offices, stables and stables, shed for cars and so on.

The 72-year-old actor has decided to sell his property after more than 30 years, having bought a splendid villa in North Salem last year, which although much cheaper (we are talking about “only” 9.8 million dollars, that is about 9 million euros) became his new home, together with his wife Alejandra Silva, a 38-year-old Spanish politician and activist, and their two children. The Gere family will be able to enjoy the new home and its 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, but also the land of over 140,000 square meters, the Olympic indoor swimming pool, the outdoor swimming pool, the gym, the tennis court, and a private office.

Purchased in 1986 when he was already an established movie star, the villa has until now been the New York residence of Richard Gere together with his present and past partners, including Cindy Crawford and Carey Lowell, in addition to the flirtations he had with Barbra Streisand and Diane von Furstenberg.

The details of the real estate ad

The exclusive mandate for the sale of Richard Gere’s villa has been entrusted to the real estate agency Ginnel Real Estate, which specializes in luxury sales. The millionaires contacted by the agency are already with their ears straight, thanks above all to the strategic location of the villa an hour’s drive from Manhattan and at the same time completely surrounded by greenery. We are in Westchester County, in the town of Pound Ridge.

The announcement published online reads that the estate, despite being surrounded by greenery, is close to three schools, and is therefore ideal for those with families with children: they are the Pound Ridge Elementary School, Fox Lane Middle School and Fox Lane High School. There is also a post office nearby, and, a not inconsiderable detail, a number of private car parks greater than 6 (it is not specified how much greater, actually). Built in 2000, Richard Gere’s mansion for sale is located at 81 Lyndel Road. On the Zillow website you can book a visit, if you are in the area and are interested in buying.

But be careful! You must know that the villa is also expensive in terms of maintenance costs: in fact, we are talking about a figure equal to 1 million and 220 thousand dollars that goes away every year for taxes. In addition, Zillow also estimates the monthly expenses, equal to about 166 thousand dollars, or just under 150 thousand euros, of which about 110 thousand dollars per month of mortgage payment (assuming an 80% mortgage), 45 thousand dollars per month of taxes and $ 10,000 a month of home insurance.

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