Here’s how and how much prices increase in Milan thanks to the Superbonus 110

The 110% Superbonus is known to give construction industry an unprecedented boost. The legislation, as much contested as it is appreciated, is undeniably responsible for a new construction boom after years of crisis, especially as regards the renovations of private properties.

It is in fact known that scaffolding is nowhere to be found, at least 3 months pass to order the new windows, there is no trace of hybrid boilers, while for photovoltaic systems the situation is almost paradoxical, with a doubling of prices due to the impossibility to find the panels in a short time.

Unfortunately, the historical period we are experiencing is not the best, due to the crisis, the health emergency and who knows what else. The fact is that the costs of raw materials have risen, and at the same time construction companies and craftsmen have raised their prices; this has led the calculations to even double compared to the values ​​of 2019. Not to mention the potential problems that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine could cause, even at a financial level.

But whatever happens, the double jump bonus in the energy category remains a more unique than rare opportunity, especially considering that in the next few years it will first be restricted and then abolished, and forward-looking homeowners are not missing the opportunity. But what does this mean for the existing building stock? Simple: an increase in prices. It is the obvious consequence of a renovation in the name of energy efficiency: the house increases in value and is reintroduced into the real estate market at a higher selling price.

I study

In Milan, the photograph of the Superbonus 110% drawn up by Maiora solutions, an all-Italian startup that develops artificial intelligence tools and advanced data analysis, shows us that the districts of Corvetto-Rogoredo, Portello-Lotto, Bicocca-Niguarda and Amendola-Buonarroti after the renovations have resulted in an increase in property prices of up to 35%. The Maiora solutions survey calculated the correlation between energy classes and sale price, and it turned out that it is clearly positive: the founder of the analysis company, Andrea Torassa, confirms that in Milan “most houses have a very low energy class “, and therefore it is possible” to increase the value of the properties with the Superbonus 110 “without too much difficulty.

The districts of Milan and the rebound in prices

Corvetto wins this special classification with a + 35% of the price after a refurbishment that allows you to pass from class G to class E, that is the minimum class leap allowed by law; Lotto-Portello (18%), Bicocca-Niguarda (17%) and Amendola-Buonarroti (15%) follow closely, while in the less “revaluable” neighborhoods, such as Navigli, Bocconi or Famagosta, the price increase is almost irrelevant , only 1%.

The Maiora solutions survey paints a sadly worrying picture for Milan. In fact, in the city over half of the buildings for sale belong to the energy class G, i.e. the least performing from the point of view of energy efficiency, while only 10% enter the Olympus of classes A and B. Aggregating all the properties, regardless of the energy class, the average selling price in Milan in 2021 was 4600 euros per square meter, but the increase for classes above G varies from 2% to 26%.

Price increase based on energy class

The Maiora solutions study also took into consideration the current middle class of homes, which combined with the 110% regulations provides a series of very interesting indications. For example, in the Corvetto-Rogoredo district now the middle class of buildings is equal to F, so taking advantage of the bonus they would bring them to class D, with an increase on the final sale price of 35%.

And for the other city districts? The middle class is almost always the F, but for example in Amendola-Buonarroti-CityLife the middle class is the E, and therefore a double jump would bring a house into class C, with a 15% increase in the price per square meter.

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