Milan, the future of new buildings between wood and eco-sustainability.

A return to the origins. This is the meaning of the use of wood as a predominant material in architecture. Private construction is now moving more and more towards this material, which combines, it is appropriate to say, tradition and innovation.

Always closely linked to mountain chalets, to warmth, to welcoming environments, in recent years wood is becoming more and more a design material and use in buildings, sought after by both architects and engineers, to bring a breath of fresh air. fresh – and eco-sustainable – air in the latest generation buildings.

FederlegnoArredo, the federation of companies in the furniture and furnishing sector and heart of the Italian wood-furniture supply chain, has published the sixth edition of its Building in Wood Report, where truly amazing data leaps to the eyes: despite the pandemic, in 2020 the sector is has been growing with a total turnover of 1.39 billion euros, bringing Italy to fourth place in the ranking of European countries that use this material the most.

The report highlights how the works are built according to an increasingly developed engineering complexity; wood is also used to create multi-storey solutions, especially in the cities of Milan, Turin and Florence, where it is clear that the trend in wood engineering is moving towards heights, given that for the first time compared to 2019, there is a increase of housing units within the same structure equal to 20%.

Other interesting data emerging from the report indicate a total of 3069 homes built, and a value of 269 million euros for non-residential buildings. The turnover is 628 million euros.

Può sembrare un ritorno al passato, ma guardandolo da vicino, il legno è proprio il materiale del futuro che tanto cercavamo: innovativo ed ecosostenibile, è esattamente quello che serve per costruire nuovi edifici in modo green e con l’occhio all’ambiente.

The example of Milan: the new S2C headquarters

S2C SPA, an insurance company specializing in sureties, is building its new headquarters in Milan in via Pirelli, in the heart of the Isola district. The works started in grand style, and the project is nevertheless revolutionary: a 10-storey building, of which 8 above ground and 2 underground, for a total height of 42 meters, built using Mass Timber technology, which needless to say , focuses on the use of wood to create strong structural elements, which can be joined together to form panel components.

The new S2C headquarters in Milan will be built by the Tekton company, under the expert guidance of the architectural firm GaS, who will give it the shape of a wooden ship in a glass bottle. The inauguration of the splendid building is scheduled for the end of the year, delays permitting.

According to the CEO of S2C SPA Gianluigi Boccia, the new headquarters also responds to “the desire to guarantee all the comforts necessary for workers to perform their function in the best possible way: a modern building that brings environmental well-being, in line with corporate social responsibility. “.

The architect Andrè Straja, responsible for the futuristic shape of the building, speaks, and adds that the skeleton will include three elements: they will be “the nucleus, the columns and the floors”. In the core there will be the services and the technical rooms, and it is designed to withstand strong stresses such as winds and seismic activity. All this only and only thanks to the properties of the wood.

On the ground floor there will be a design staircase, meeting rooms and areas for coworking, while on the top floor there is a solarium. According to Straja, “wood will be the material of the future, because it is necessary to decarbonise the planet and at the same time generate well-being”.

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