Villa Olmo once again the setting for a dream wedding

A special weekend has just ended for Villa Olmo, a splendid residence on the shores of Lake Como. The prestigious location was in fact the fairytale setting of the “yes” between a couple of wealthy Turks, and will remain armored until Tuesday.

But let’s start from the beginning. The feast of the two young spouses was celebrated on the weekend of 28-29 August 2021, according to some rumors funded entirely by the boy’s father, but now the area is still cordoned off, as the insiders will have to dismantle the area: a mammoth job .

However, the municipal council approved the opening of the splendid park of the villa for anyone, except for the day of Saturday 28 August. This means that anyone was able to cross the park, and even go to the green area behind the building.

The wedding took place in complete privacy, the leaked indications confirm only a few data. To begin with, the rental of the villa began last Thursday, with the preparation of the wedding; for the days of sale, the municipality of Como has collected the astronomical sum of 250 thousand euros.

But not only: for the municipality also the guarantee, signed with a regular contract, that the spaces must be totally restored at the end of the event, and that any damage will be paid by the tenants.

In the city, the rumors as usual are conflicting: there are those who say they are against the event, which in some way “annoys” the quiet life of the resident population and creates some inevitable discomfort, but there are also those who are convinced that events like these are good for the economy and strengthen the Lake Como brand, never as in recent years put to the test by the events following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The background: from Bollywood to private parties

Villa Olmo is not new to this kind of celebrations. In fact, many will remember the engagement and subsequent marriage of the daughter of one of the richest men in India, Mukesh Ambani, dated September 2018.

Isha, the scion of the number one oil giant Reliance Industries Limited has certainly spared no expense, given that some estimates confirm her father’s assets at around 20 billion dollars.

The event, in full Bollywood style, saw the participation of over 600 guests from all over the world, from friends and relatives of the couple to magnates of international importance. Between fireworks and a sumptuous gala dinner, the party began with a John Legend concert.

The future of Villa Olmo

The great media attention that this majestic villa on the shores of Lake Como has received – and is still receiving – means that even for the coming months it will be one of the most attractive locations for wealthy foreign tourists in search of the Italian dolce vita.

In fact, a latest rumor has it that two future American spouses would have requested the rental of the villa in 2022 for 30 days in a row. A whole month, which would mean an income of one million euros in the municipal coffers.

The villa and its history

Villa Olmo dates back to the 18th century and is one of the undisputed symbols of the city of Como. Originally a suburban residence of the nobles of the time, the villa is built with an elegant Italian garden around it, and is located at the north-west end of the city of Como.

The name, according to tradition, derives from two large elm trees, which were located within the area of the villa. The construction of the building lasted 5 years, from 1782 to 1787, by the architect Simone Cantoni, commissioned by Innocenzo Odescalchi, whose family had bought the land over 100 years earlier.

The villa, of neo-classical inspiration, has a large central body with 5 entrance arches, surmounted by six columns and medallions. The property has been owned by the municipality of Como since 1925.

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