The future of the former Karma according to Pierfrancesco Maran

The news comes directly from the city planning councilor of the municipality of Milan Pierfrancesco Maran, who has entrusted his thoughts to his institutional Facebook page, in a post that confirms the rumors and rumors of recent months. The center of the discussion is the Karma disco, in the Porto di Mare area; today no longer exists, and in the near future its spaces will be completely reorganized, in what is yet another redevelopment underway in Milan, with the aim of making the Lombard capital one of the most avant-garde cities in Italy. ‘Europe.

It is Maran himself who communicates via Facebook that the municipal administration has provisionally awarded a public tender, to grant the area of via Fabio Massimo to the Social Music City company for 90 years. The area has a high potential, as it resembled a sort of village, with the appearance of a village, so much so that it was also called Borgo del Tempo Perso.

The project of the former Karma

The project of the area envisages first of all that the building of the Karma nightclub is decommissioned, so that in its place a splendid multidisciplinary center can be born, with swimming pool and outdoor amphitheater, where you can attend events and demonstrations, but also tennis courts. padel, a tensile structure for concerts and spaces for teaching.

Furthermore, an exhibition area of 600 square meters will be built within the area, where the Coldiretti market will be held every week. In addition, a new green area with trees, designed according to the criteria provided by the municipal administration. But not only greenery and events, the new project also has its roots in eco-sustainability, since a parking lot for 200 vehicles will be built with shelters equipped with photovoltaic panels.

In a nutshell: the area, which has not lived since 2015, will be brought back to life, in a project whose boundaries go far beyond the original ones of the Karma nightclub. In fact, the current idea of the project is to extend over 6000 square meters, also using green elements such as green roofs and walls.

The words of Pierfrancesco Maran

It is the city planning councilor himself who releases words of hope for an undervalued area left to itself for too long: according to Maran, in fact, the area of the former Karma disco has a “great project for the future, and will contribute to the total regeneration of an area of the city that is growing more and more day by day “.

Not only the Social Music City project: close to the former Karma area there is in fact “the Porto di Mare park, reborn with Italia Nostra, and the Corvetto district in which, in addition to the new town hall, there are also projects underway of redevelopment of the public space “, without forgetting” the districts of the Olympics and the new campus of the conservatory in Rogoredo “.

Talk to the Social Music City attorney

Riccardo Lai, prosecutor of Social Music City, who has been collaborating with the municipality of Milan since the beginning of the pandemic also spoke. His words are of openness and hope, especially when he says that the sector in which he operates is “made up of entrepreneurs and contributes to creating employment, as well as an important induced for the whole city”.

The entrepreneur concludes that the area is an “important place for Milan, and the spaces, also set up with mobile structures, serve to create optimal conditions, and an area of socializing and music for the Milanese”.

Already in April 2020, a few days after the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, Lai and his company had been talked about, declaring the tensile structure of the former Porta Romana airport would be converted into housing, giving the municipality of Milan on free loan for the 20 thousand square meters of the complex, making 36 rooms available for civil protection and for Emergency.

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