George Clooney’s villa on Lake Como is worth 100 million euros

In the splendid setting of Lake Como, George Clooney is the owner of Villa Oleandra. We are located in the small Laglio, 15 kilometers from the capital, and the villa dates back to the eighteenth century. After being bought by the Heinz family, owner of the agri-food company of the same name, in 2002 it passed to George Clooney, who bought it together with the adjacent Villa Margherita.

Today, Villa Oleandra gets back to talk about itself because rumors have circulated that the Como home of the American actor has acquired a value 10 times higher than the purchase price. If in fact, 20 years ago George Clooney paid 10 million euros for it, today it is worth 100 million. The reason? Simple: the estimate is based on the mind-boggling figures that have been shelled out in recent times to buy similarly sized villas nearby. Among these there is also one currently under seizure, owned by a Russian oligarch.

George Clooney, illustrious resident of Laglio, has brought fame and tourists to the city, so much so that the mayor Roberto Pozzi practically every year renews the restrictions that guarantee the safety of citizens and the actor, such that it is forbidden to park near the villa of the actor and to approach him by boat.

How Villa Oleandra is made

There is maximum reserve around Villa Oleandra. This is because, although it is clearly visible from the outside, few have set foot inside, and Clooney’s privacy is practically impenetrable. What is known is that the interiors are a mix of styles between antique and classic, and that inside the master bedroom there is a large four-poster bed.

Outside, however, the garden is well-kept with flowers, trees and hedges to protect privacy. There is also a bridge, which connects Villa Oleandra to Villa Margherita, and a number of facilities including a private pizzeria, in-ground swimming pool, fountain and tennis court.

The history of the villa

Casa Clooney was built in 1720, on a land where a house or an inhabited agglomeration presumably already existed since Roman times. Its present appearance was given to it by the Stoppani family in 1834, when, according to the plans of the time, a series of adjacent buildings were merged to create a single villa.

The property changed hands on other occasions: among the owners we note the Antogini family and Henry John Heinz, the inventor of ketchup and owner of the company of the same name today part of the Kraft group.

But in 2002 there was a twist: due to a breakdown in his motorcycle, the actor George Clooney – who was on vacation in these parts – was forced to stop in Laglio. Waiting for the tow truck, he caught a glimpse of the beautiful Villa Oleandra, and immediately decided to buy it by paying the sum of 10 million euros.

Villa Oleandra and the other villas on the lake

But how is Villa Oleandra positioned compared to the other historic houses of Lake Como? It must be said that the lake has always been a symbol of exclusivity, and therefore it is not surprising the presence of so many luxury homes, often directly overlooking the lake, with private dock and stunning gardens.

But among all, we point out some. Let’s start with Villa Carlotta, located in Tremezzo, built by the Marquis Clerici at the end of the seventeenth century. Composed of three floors full of works of art, it also includes a botanical garden with 150 species of azaleas.

Do not miss the beautiful Villa Melzi, which we have already talked about in a previous article, located in Bellagio and equipped with a sumptuous museum recently expanded and renovated.

Finally, we also give credit to Villa Balbiano, which hosted Lady Gaga, Al Pacino and other Hollywood stars as it was the set of The Black Widow, by Ridley Scott, which narrates the murder of Maurizio Gucci by the hand of his wife Patrizia Reggiani.

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