The Villa Melzi museum in Bellagio has been renovated and expanded

Villa Melzi is renewed. But not from the outside: its imposing white profile, lying like a postcard on the shores of Lake Como, and wonderfully inserted in the center of a splendid garden, will remain completely unchanged; the revolution will instead take place inside, where the owner Fulco Tommaso Gallarati Scotti has decided to revolutionize and expand the museum.

Fulco Tommaso, born in 1967, is the son of Count Lodovico Gallarati Scotti, who died at 89 in 2013, “responsible” for having opened Villa Melzi to visitors, creating the first museum, of which today’s extension is the natural continuation . This also explains the reason why Fulco Tommaso decided to dedicate the new work to the memory of his father: it was Lodovico who thought of dedicating the old orange greenhouse to an exhibition space, to showcase the artistic and historical heritage that revolved around the villa.

Soon, therefore, this magnificent white building, a stone’s throw from Bellagio, will become an even more important attraction than what it has represented so far; in particular, the new museum of Villa Melzi will be divided into two independent sections, one on the ground floor, the other on the upper floor.

The “Antiquarium” section will be exhibited on the ground floor, where it will be possible to admire the finds of the Melzi d’Eril and Gallarati Scotti families, both archaeological and ancient art, such as Egyptian and Etruscan sculptures, medieval art masterpieces, nineteenth-century sculptures, ceramic vases and an interesting array of goldsmiths.

On the first floor, however, visitors can stop and contemplate the section of the museum called “Art History Nature”. Here the history of the villa, the project, the various phases of construction are exhibited, and also an interesting insight into life at the time of construction, with the stories of holidays on the lake. Coinciding with the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s death, this wing of the museum also houses a number of artifacts dating back to that period, as well as marble busts of Napoleon and his family.

The museum of Villa Melzi will also host two other very important sections, one called “Landscape garden architecture”, dedicated to the slice of Lake Como overlooked by the villa with extensive insights into the garden, and one called “Living in the villa”, which showcases the owners of the building, including Tommaso Gallarati Scotti, who died in 1966, heir to Luisa Melzi d’Eril.

Information for the visit

Entrance tickets to Villa Melzi and the museum can be purchased directly at the ticket office located in the gardens. Alternatively, it is possible to proceed directly online, using the web services made available by the portal Promo Bellagio.

In addition to the new museum, which undoubtedly represents the strong point of the “new” Villa Melzi, the 2021 summer season also brings with it other interesting innovations, such as the possibility of undertaking a series of interesting guided tours, and that of carrying out educational activities. in English, designed for schools, thanks to the collaboration with the cultural association Il Mondo di Tels di Pavia.

The gardens of Villa Melzi are open only during the summer, in particular from March to October, from Monday to Friday from 12 to 18:30, on weekends from 10 to 18:30, with last admission at 18. It is possible book educational activities in Italian and English for schools in the area, taking advantage of a collaboration with The Original History Walks.

Individuals wishing to visit the gardens with a private tour, or be part of an artistic workshop, can instead contact the secretariat of the structure at For all others, it is always possible to visit the gardens in freedom by purchasing the day ticket at a cost of 8 euros, on site or online, or a season pass by contacting

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