Prices per square meter of the most exclusive skyscrapers in Milan

It is no mystery that Milan is the most expensive city in Italy when it comes to the price per square meter of properties. The real estate boom of recent years has in fact meant that housing costs reached unimaginable peaks, even surpassing the historic centers of art cities such as Rome, Florence or Venice. According to the data that are regularly published and kept updated by, houses in the center currently cost an average of 9567 euros per square meter, while in the neighboring neighborhoods prices range from 7217 euros per square meter in the Genoa-Ticinese area up to 8696. euro per square meter in the Garibaldi, Moscova and Porta Nuova areas.

A real market apart, which contrasts enormously not only with that of the rest of Italy, but also with the province itself: in the municipality of Assago, for example, houses are located at around 3300 euros per square meter, in Peschiera Borromeo even at just over 2200 euros per square meter.

But even in the strange world of the real estate market, there are some rules. Prices are the result of the ancient struggle between supply and demand, and in Milan this is precisely the question: everyone is attracted to the Lombard metropolis, the most international of Italian cities, with a constant eye on the future. Perhaps it is also for this reason that new buildings, skyscrapers and towers were built, often with zero impact on the environment, with an eye towards home automation and new technologies, and of course maximum comfort. Houses like these, located inside brand new skyscrapers, are much more expensive than average, so the 13 towers of Milan with a height of more than 50 meters there are almost always luxury apartments, where you can admire the city from above. , almost to dominate it.

In this context, despite wars and pandemics, the Milan real estate market is registering crazy increases, just think that between 2020 and 2021 there was an increase in prices of 8.5%. Naturally, when talking about a city of almost two million inhabitants, it is necessary to use average values that are not always representative: just to give an example, an apartment in Bosco Verticale costs 18 thousand euros per square meter, while for a house in Cascina Merlata it takes just over 2 thousand euros per square meter.

But for those who can afford it, the view of Milan from above, perhaps seen from the living room window, has become a real must, and even in this case the price war has broken out. It should always be borne in mind that, with the same skyscraper, a house on the upper floors costs on average 25% more than the lower floors. After all, as mentioned, the view is paid for.

Among the towers most appreciated by those looking for a new home with a view of Milan, are the inevitable Bosco Verticale, the towers of Porta Nuova, Solaria & Aria, and Solea.

Not only Milan

As we all know, Milan is the Italian city with its gaze turned towards the third millennium. But how is the situation in the other cities? In our town in Rome there is the Eurosky tower of 120 meters and the historic skyscraper of Cesenatico, with 118 meters. For the rest, in Europe we are talking about figures of around 20 thousand euros per square meter for the Valiant Tower in London and the Grand Tower in Frankfurt, the tallest residential skyscraper in Germany.

And in the rest of the world? It is no mystery that in areas such as the United Arab Emirates or the United States skyscrapers are much higher than ours, as are the prices: in the Central Park area of New York, for example, it sells for around 100,000 euros per square meter. As mentioned, the view from the window has a cost.

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