Gioia 20, the two new towers of Milan, are coming

The Milan skyline will have a new star. Or rather two: it is the new Gioia 20 project, a pair of multi-purpose multi-service towers that will animate the dynamic Porta Nuova area even more. There will be two buildings consisting respectively of 23 and 14 floors, for an estimated value of the work of over 120 million euros. The construction site will be rapid, with the completion of the works expected by the end of April 2024; the client is Coima SGR SpA, while the execution of the works will be entrusted to the ICM Group of Veneto; the architectural project is by Antonio Citterio – Patricia Viel and partners.

The Gioia 20 project will be dedicated to eco-sustainability and new construction technologies, with LEED platinum and WELL gold certification, while the materials will be C2C certified. Both towers, although with different heights, will have the same identical concept, with a double volume building, and a shape that remains unchanged throughout the vertical development. Furthermore, Gioia 20 will have a low body on its side as if to continue the construction of via Sassetti, while the high body will “dialogue” with the towers of via Pirelli.

The dimensions of the east tower (G20 EST) tell of a gross surface area of 27300 square meters, and an expected height of 160 meters, with 25 floors plus 4 underground floors. The west tower (G20 WEST), on the other hand, will be much more contained: in fact, we are talking about an area of “only” 6500 square meters, and a height of 65 meters spread over 14 floors, 3 of which are underground.

The Gioia 20 towers will rise in place of two parking lots, located in via Melchiorre Gioia 20 and 21, in front of the Library of the Trees. The exact site of the excavation was also studied considering the mobility of Milan, as it is located very close to the Gioia underground stop of the Lombard capital, and at the same time not far from the Centrale and Porta Garibaldi railway stations.

The project foresees that near the entrance there are a series of recharging points for electric bicycles, while in one of the underground floors the construction of 76 bicycle stalls, with changing rooms and support areas is planned. All with direct access to the ground floor of the building, where some spaces for shops will also be created.

The Gioia 20 project originated in 2018, when Coima bought the area occupied by the two parking lots. A design competition by invitation was then launched, in which both Italian and foreign studios participated, later won by the Antonio Citterio – Patricia Viel and partners studio.

Who is ICM Group

As mentioned, the construction of Gioia 20 is entirely Italian: the work will in fact be entrusted to Gruppo ICM, a Venetian company that celebrated its first 100 years of life in 2021. Despite the difficulties that the pandemic has brought to life in the last 2 years , with consequent slowdowns in work and production, the group is more than healthy, closing the last fiscal year with a net result of 1.2 million euros and provisions for provisions of 8.7 million euros.

In 2020 the company acquired contracts for 567 million euros, and this allowed it to have a backlog of 1.8 billion, between Italy (55%) and abroad (45%). ICM Group has over 1,700 employees, including 300 in Italy, and others scattered among the offices that the company holds around the world, including Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Qatar, Kenya and Cape Verde.

The business plan defined by the company foresees a big growth since 2021, but the important thing is that it has not taken into account the benefits that should be introduced by the PNRR. According to the words of the president Gianfranco Simonetto, ICM will be a protagonist in the sector in the years to come thanks to the “contraction in the number of large-sized companies offering bidding, the good market position of the Group, and the strong commercial presence in Italy”.

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