The project for the Polyclinic was presented, including suites and roof gardens

The new Milan Polyclinic will become a reality by spring-summer 2024, and will be a futuristic building attentive to the needs of patients. These, in a nutshell, are the cornerstones of the project presented yesterday in the Region, to officially kick off the work of this new center of Milanese healthcare excellence and beyond.

The building, which will rise on an area of 23 thousand square meters, will consist of two blocks of 7 floors each, connected by a central block of 3 floors, inside which there will be 21 operating theaters, 500 parking spaces on the floors. underground and two special birthing houses. The flagship of the project will be a huge therapeutic garden on the roof, which reflects a little the eco-sustainability of the entire work, given that the structure will be built with materials with reduced environmental impact, and with an innovative anti-seismic technology.

To give citizens a preview of what the Polyclinic will become, an info point will be opened in October, where videos and images will be shown, in an area with 30-40 seats available to anyone interested in the development of the project.

The cornerstone of the project: sustainability and an eye on the green

As often happens in modern architecture projects of the 21st century, also for the Polyclinic the fixed point was to create a structure in harmony with nature. The internal environments, in fact, will respect the natural cycles, while the diagnostic rooms will be made in such a way as to show serene and welcoming scenarios; known separately for the inpatient beds, which will have biodynamic lights to mimic natural light.

The green turning point of the new Milan Polyclinic certainly does not stop here: when you see the project, a huge patch of green on the roof immediately catches the eye. It is the therapeutic garden, a little in the style of the New York High Line, which seems to be very popular in Milan since the Monteceneri-Serra flyover project was also inspired by it. In this green area, garden care laboratories, pet therapy areas, but also yoga and fitness classes will be equipped.

Attention to children and new mothers

It is very important for the authors of the project that the young patients spend the most peaceful days possible within the walls of the Polyclinic. It was thought of them when, for example, it was planned that the roof garden has protected areas for children.

But that’s not all: the entire south building will be dedicated to births. A spokesman for the region commented that in this area of the Polyclinic, “the emergency area, the osetric gynecological first aid, the sexual and domestic violence aid and the pediatric first aid will be inserted”. But that’s not all: this is where the area dedicated to motherhood and pregnancy will be; inside the structure there will be 11 labor rooms, 3 of which are equipped for water births, and 2 birth houses, real mini apartments, to allow future mothers to live the experience of giving birth at home, while remaining inside the hospital.

The suites

Another of the flagships of the Milan Polyclinic project will be the suites, dedicated to those who choose hospitalization under a solvency regime. They will be located on the top floor of both buildings, and will allow a luxury hospitalization to those who obviously can afford it.

Introducing hospital suites is revolutionary, but it won’t be a service for everyone. On the other hand, what will be guaranteed by the NHS are the medical and surgical activities present in the north building. Rare diseases, neurology, dermatology, infectious diseases, general surgery and specialist surgery. All services that can be accessed when needed.

New Polyclinic of Milan: costs

What about the costs? Not exactly pennies: there is talk of a final expenditure of 201 million euros, of which 135 million obtained from the enhancement of real estate assets, 30 million allocated by the Region and 36 million by the Ministry of Health.

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