Corso Vercelli and Corso Buenos Aires: when the city arteries become a shopping village

It really should be said: Milan never stops. The Lombard capital, always attentive to trends and new trends, has now traced the path of urban redevelopment, with large completely deconstructed and reorganized neighborhoods, new green spaces, and obviously homes and offices. Where before there were old industrial warehouses today there are skyscrapers in the latest fashion, where before there were degraded areas today there are neighborhoods in, in the name of trendy, chic and urban lifestyle.

In all this renewal, Milan is certainly the only Italian city ready to compete with the European metropolises. And in all this excitement, how could the shopping districts be missing, activities – by the way – for which the city is famous all over the world? As always, in Milan things either get big or they don’t. In fact, a new shopping area was not enough: two are emerging.

They are Corso Vercelli Village and Corso Buenos Aires 59. After being unveiled in 2021 and now known to most, one is already finished, the other still not. Let’s see how the works are going.

Corso Vercelli Village

Corso Vercelli Village, as the name suggests, will be developed along Corso Vercelli. Its purpose? Becoming an urban village in the center, with green areas and pedestrian areas, and easily reachable without a car as it is served by the M1 subway, thanks to the three stations of Wagner, Pagano and Conciliazione.

Corso Vercelli has always been a historic Milanese shopping area, but the bad years of the pandemic have sadly left their mark, with businesses forced to close and a significant reduction in visitors and business. We cross our fingers as we write it, but the health emergency is behind us, and therefore the area is ready to start again, with a qualitative leap that will make it an indispensable stop for the Milanese, and for the many tourists who are starting to crowd again. the city.

The Corso Vercelli Village project is curated by the architect Joseph Di Pasquale, who had the vision of creating a neighborhood urban village. According to the architect from Como, the project intends to “exemplify the urban and living experience of a context to which the approach to the viability of neighborhood housing units has been applied”.

The shopping area, once completed, will develop between piazza Wagner and piazzale Baracca, along via Belfiore, Corso Vercelli, via Cimarosa and via Pallavicino. All the streets will become pedestrianized and tree-lined, to ensure maximum livability and give the feeling of an urban village of proximity.

Corso Buenos Aires 59

Formerly known as Corti di Baires, Corso Buenos Aires 59 stands at the center of the redevelopment of Corso Buenos Aires. This long boulevard boasts the title of the longest shopping street in Europe. In fact, it is often compared to the Champs-Elysees in Paris, or to Oxford Street in London, as there are as many as 300 international brands along its path.

With over 7,000 people passing along its sidewalks every hour, Corso Buenos Aires has been enriched by a huge complex of over 8,000 square meters, with a strategic corner location opened just in time for the Christmas holidays of 2021.

The Corso Buenos Aires 59 project is a mixed residential-commercial, and was created by the hand of the company Mark Capital Management, which identified the corner Corso Buenos Aires-Via Petrella to create a unique space, which combines livability and a large commercial visibility.

According to Peter Evans, Mark Capital’s senior vice president, “Ba59 was created to give new life to Corso Buenos Aires, the main street for Milanese commerce”. According to him, it all started because one of the most important shopping streets in Milan lacked large and versatile commercial spaces.

Voila. Once again, a piece of Milan is transformed.

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