Sesto San Giovanni, the Renzo Piano station is about to become a reality

Not only the center of Milan: its surroundings, in particular Sesto San Giovanni, are also receiving the attention of architects, for truly innovative building redevelopment projects. In fact, in the satellite town of Milan, in 2023 a design railway station will be inaugurated, on the grounds of the former Falck, with a suspended walkway over the terminus of the M1 metro, nevertheless signed by Renzo Piano.

The Sesto San Giovanni station is one of the cornerstones of the MilanoSesto Città della Salute project, an urban transformation that the company that manages the site defines “the largest urban regeneration project in Italy”, in the heart of the former Falck industrial areas, in particular along viale Gramsci where the station will rise, and where the terminus of the subway M1 is currently located.

From an architectural point of view, the main feature of the new Sesto San Giovanni station will be a wonderful suspended glass walkway, from which you can admire the huge urban park below. Among other things, it will be one of the access points to the park, and will be equipped with shops, bars and services of all kinds.

Times and deliveries

As for the delivery times of the construction site, we are talking about June 2023. Therefore, at least according to the official press releases, we must run in order not to exceed the deadlines. Especially since the inauguration is scheduled for July 2023, while the entire Città della Salute project will start in July 2024, after the extension of the intervention to Piazza Primo Maggio and to the new square that will be built on the Città Salute side. Furthermore, two years later, i.e. in 2026, the new university campus of the San Raffaele University will also be inaugurated.

For now, at the beginning of April 2022, after three intense nights of overtime, the deck that crosses the entire train station has been laid. The authors were the workers of Cimolai Spa, which has taken over the construction site since July 2021. The bridge station took almost 20 years to become reality, but finally, after an immense work that saw a huge crane working with a maximum height of 60 meters and a capacity of up to 600 tons, Mario Botta’s old project has become reality. .

To create the railway crossing, the cornerstone of the new Sesto di Renzo Piano station, two huge portions of deck had to be laid: one 27 meters long, 18 wide and 158 tons heavy, the other 34 meters long, 18 wide and heavy 169 tons. Cimolai organized the work in 3 shifts of 24 hours, in order to close the business as quickly as possible and to minimize inconvenience. Discomforts that were not just: all trains on the line were stopped to lay the pillars.

When the work is completed, Sesto San Giovanni will finally be reunited in the former Falck area. The words of the mayor of Sesto San Giovanni Roberto di Stefano are eloquent: according to the mayor the bridge station will be “the gateway to the Unione Zero district, and the two parts of Sesto currently divided by the railway will finally unite”.

The pedestrian underpass

If the elevated walkway is the flagship of the new Sesto San Giovanni station, in reality another infrastructure will also guarantee greater liveability and environmental sustainability: it is the new pedestrian underpass, approved by the municipal council on February 18, 2022. approved the variant in progress on the extension of the underpass, which will serve to connect the new station to Piazza Unione, the second landing after the one already existing in Piazza Primo Maggio.

The work of the municipal technicians was intense, with a feasibility assessment and a design hypothesis, after the idea of connecting the M1 subway station and the entrance to Città della Salute via a pedestrian underpass. The cost of labor is 1 million and 800 thousand euros, and will also bring collateral benefits, in terms of livability and sustainability of the entire neighborhood.

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