Levante Waterfront in Genova, a home with a sea view for the Milanese?

In his hometown of Genoa, Renzo Piano is a true icon. There are many structures that the famous architect has designed in the city, including the Biosphere, the Bigo and the Piazza delle Feste, which completely redesigned the area of the Old Port, in an immense work that saw its completion in the now distant 1992. More recent is the story of the Genova bridge, built following the collapse of the Morandi bridge.

But the starchitect’s creativity doesn’t stop there: in the area of the former Fiera at the port of Genova, Renzo Piano has designed – donating it to the city – the Eastern Waterfront, a colossal and futuristic work which will bring new life to an area that by now – it was thought – he had already said everything he had to say.

The Eastern Waterfront will see the light of day by the end of 2023, and according to those working on the project, the sea will once again be integrated with the urban fabric, thanks to a new real estate development project which will see the creation of about 200 sea-view apartments with private boat, as well as public areas such as shops, bars and a sports hall. According to Fabio Capocaccia, former manager of the port of Genoa, the project “is the continuation of the recovery of the sea front of Genoa”, since the area, which developed on an industrial level starting from the end of the 19th century, had to sacrifice “access to the sea and its integration with the urban fabric”.

The project

The Waterfront project will see the construction of two hull-shaped buildings built on an artificial island, which will be connected to the Genoese coast by a bridge. The buildings, with a light and transparent structure, will be equipped with large windows to let in as much light as possible and to be able to admire the sea from a truly privileged position. Furthermore, in support of the houses, there will be a large common condominium space, with a gym, laundry, meeting room, coworking space, offices and games for children, as well as commercial activities such as shops, restaurants, sports clubs and water sports. Obviously, there will be garages, cellars, parking spaces and motorbike spaces.

According to Capocaccia, the best estimate – albeit ambitious – would be to finish the work in time for the next Genova Boat Show, scheduled for the end of 2023. Despite everything, it is possible that the deadline can be met, as the latter are now under construction floors of buildings.


Here we are at the sore point: the prices. Buying a house on the Waterfront di Levante won’t be for everyone, as the cost is around values ranging between 10 and 13 thousand euros per square metre. However, it must be said that these prices relate to single and exclusive cuts, while cheaper solutions are also available starting from 4-5 thousand euros per square metre, based on the size of the apartment and its finishes. Fortunately, at least according to the words of Capo Caccia, the apartments are already almost all sold.

Genoa even more connected with Milan

The detail that not everyone has thought of is that with the construction of the Waterfront, Genoa will be even more linked to Milan and Turin, the other two cities that form the so-called “industrial triangle” that developed between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

This is also thanks to the fact that, by 2024, the third high-speed railway crossing will be completed, following which the train connections between Milan and Genoa will last less than an hour. This would mean that those who work in Milan or Turin could live on the seafront and still reach the office quickly.

Could this perhaps be a lever to relaunch the demographic growth of Genova, which has been steadily declining in recent years? It’s still too early to tell, but a clue may already have arrived: many of the buyers of the houses on the Waterfront come from just outside the city.

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