Villa del Platano, historic Versace house, sold for 33 million euros

In the heart of Brera stands the magnificent villa del Platano, owned by Santo Versace, brother of Gianni and Donatella. It was news a few days ago that the property, one of the historic residences of Milan, was sold for a record amount of over 33 million euros. The deal was handled by Coldwell Banker Commercial, a London-based company expert in the Milan real estate market.

Record villa, but also record times for the sale: the historic Versace mansion was in fact for sale since 2012 through the famous Sotheby’s, originally at a price of 49 million euros. 10 years later, the operation closed at 16 million euros less, but for Santo Versace there is still something to celebrate.

The dwelling will be enhanced through a project – according to a note from the real estate group – unique in Italy. The buyer remained anonymous, but we bet the name will pop up in no time. For now we only know that it is a major London private equity fund.

Coldwell Banker Commercial CEO Giuseppe Rojo did not hide his enthusiasm after the sale: in fact, he states that “It was a privilege to assist Dr. Santo Versace in this operation of absolute importance for the Milanese market”, and that according to him “Working on the conversion of properties is very often a strategic element to maximize their value and our team has been working with this in mind for years, registering significant successes”.

The details of the villa del Platano

The luxurious villa of the Versace family was built in the 1950s to a design by architects Carlo De Carli and Antonio Carminati. It consists of 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, which are flanked by top-level extras such as a garage that can hold 6 cars, a spa area, a gym and an area of the house completely dedicated to service personnel.

In all, Villa del Platano covers an area of 2 thousand square meters, which also includes a garden of over 400 square meters and a panoramic terrace of approximately the same size. The entire property is spread over 4 floors.

Located in the Brera area, between via Manzoni and via Monte Napoleone, villa del Platano was purchased by Santo Versace with the aim of making it the Milanese home of the family. Even today, inside the house you can admire some mosaics that represent the symbol of the Versace maison, namely the Medusa.

The real estate market in Brera

Brera has always been one of the most exclusive areas of Milan. According to the real estate observatory, the prices in the area are record-breaking, with an average price of apartments traveling around € 9600 / square meter, more than double the average price in Milan, which is already the highest in Italy with its 4500 euros per square meter. However, the variability of prices in the area is quite high: there are apartments with prices per square meter that vary approximately between 6,600 euros and 11,550 euros.

As for the type of property, the highest cost is paid for quadrivani, which travel at an average selling price that exceeds 10,000 euros per square meter (10100 to be precise). Followed by three-room apartments and villas with 9700 euros per square meter, apartments with 9600 euros per square meter, studios with 9300 euros per square meter, two-room apartments with 9150 euros per square meter and finally the lofts with “only” 7200 euros per square meter. square meter. A separate note for the offices: in the area they are located with an average price ranging around 7950 euros per square meter. As for rents, Brera maintains record characteristics, with prices that remain constant around 30-35 euros per square meter per month.

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