Via Padova, where are we with the revolution?

More or less a year ago, we were among the first to talk about the imminent redevelopment of via Padova in Milan, with the works starting on April 19, 2021, with the construction site on the corner with via Anacreonte. According to initial estimates, everything should have been completed in June 2022, in order to revive the two kilometers of via Padova, between via Arici and via Giacosa. In all, the overall investment headed by the municipality of Milan is 3 million euros, half of which is covered by the resources of the Pact for Milan.

The project involves the creation of flowerbeds, for a total of 230 new trees between those in pots and those planted, enlarged sidewalks, 8 small neighborhood squares, as well as an increasing attention to safety, with works carried out on 22 intersections and the rise of 35 pedestrian crossings. The highlight of the project are the underpasses of the railway bridge, which thanks to the Boulevard Tunnel will see the pedestrian crossings transformed into art galleries.

Where are we with the works?

The latest updates show the via Padova redevelopment project in good condition. At the beginning of December, for example, the first stage of Tunnel Boulevard was inaugurated, thanks to the artist Pablo Pinxit who, with the help of the artistic direction of Christian Gangitano, installed a gallery of poster art, with themes ranging from cultures to society, from the arts to the environment. In all, another 4 railway underpasses will be redeveloped.

Now it is the turn of the car parks: a total of three will be created, one of which at the intersection of via Padova and via Ancreonte, one in via Esterle and the third in via Cambini; these last two directions will become one-way, and the green share will be increased.

The redevelopment of via Padova will then continue with the reconstruction of the sidewalks and the new green areas. We are ultimately on the roadmap, we just have to wait and find out how the new neighborhood will come alive. For sure we can say that the many businesses, bars and restaurants will benefit greatly. By the way, along via Padova there are some of the strongest names in Milanese gastronomy, from Salumeria del Design to Goha Kebab, one of the first kebabs in Milan, passing through the famous Pizzeria Partenopea, which brings guests back with its atmosphere and smells in the noisy alleys of Naples.

Via Padova what to see and what to do

It is common opinion that via Padova is dangerous, but we are almost certain that, after the massive redevelopment, the neighborhood will come back to life. Already today, construction sites aside, the area is one of the liveliest and most active in Milan. In addition, there are several things to do and see in the area, so don’t miss the chance to take a tour there once the works are finished!

For example, you can take advantage of via Padova to access the Trotter park, a historic park in Milan and the green lung of the city. Not far away you will find the beautiful and elegant via Bassano del Grappa, not as famous as it deserves, with many colorful houses that somehow recall their English counterparts.

And if you too can’t wait for the Tunnel Boulevard project to be completed, move to via Pontano, which connects via Padova to viale Monza. The street is in fact famous for the graffiti close to the tracks, as in an open-air gallery thanks to the Free Walls initiative, promoted by the municipality of Milan and which has had great success among city street artists and beyond.

Once you pass via Padova, do not miss the old village of Crescenzago, which until 1923 was a municipality with its own identity. Today you can admire the Romanesque church of Santa Maria Rossa, and stroll along via Berra along the path of which splendid twentieth-century houses overlook.

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