Vertical Nest, 2022 will be the year of the inauguration

2022 will be the year in which one of the most anticipated skyscrapers in Milan will finally be inaugurated. We are talking about the Vertical Nest, officially Unipol Tower, currently under construction in the Porta Nuova district, at the intersection of via Melchiorre Gioia and via Fratelli Castiglioni.

The building, which certainly did not go unnoticed right from the start of the design phase, has an avant-garde and innovative design, while borrowing some ideas from the equally famous and iconic Vertical Nest by Stefano Boeri.

The prestigious firm of Mario Cucinella Architects is at the helm of the Vertical Nest project. Started in 2017, the works are finally coming to an end, and by the end of the year the dream will become reality. The new Unipol headquarters will be built inside the 125 meters of glass, steel and wood tower, with employees being able to enjoy 23 floors above ground, 3 underground floors and a total area of ​​31 thousand square meters.

The architectural choices that led to the construction of the skyscraper are very interesting: it will have a very particular elliptical structure, with a façade with mesh motifs, a metaphor for the relationships that develop in today’s society. It is precisely the mesh motifs that inspired the name Vertical Nest: the curvilinear wooden pillars, meeting at various points, form a real nest, which develops vertically.

It is no mystery that, with one skyscraper after another, Milan is gathering more and more acclaim, and the Nido Verticale will certainly help the city to develop its tourist appeal even more.

The eco-sustainability characteristics of the Vertical Nest

Like all self-respecting projects in the Milan of the third millennium, the Unipol Tower will also have a large part of its attention to the environment and the green: it will in fact be an eco-sustainable building, with an external envelope formed by a double skin, which insulates from cold in winter and from heat in summer. There is no shortage of solar panels and rainwater collection systems, in order to minimize the consumption of resources.

The particular attention to environmental sustainability is ensuring that Unipol Tower can obtain LEED Platinum certification.

Who uses the Vertical Nest?

As mentioned, this extraordinary skyscraper will become the headquarters of Unipol, and therefore a large part of the building will be reserved for around 2000 employees. But not only offices: there will also be a conference room capable of hosting 200 people, a series of internal hanging gardens, and a restaurant inside a spectacular panoramic greenhouse-garden, which can also be used to organize public events.

The construction works made in Italy

The Vertical Nest has been under construction since 2017 in the Porta Nuova area, and most of the materials were supplied by Italian companies.

The over one thousand tons of steel were processed in the Bordignon Group’s Zincheria B&B in Pordenone, while the steel cladding itself is the work of Maeg Costruzioni, of Treviso. The galvanizing was made necessary to make the structure perfect and eternal. To do this, a huge tank was built 16 meters long and over 3 meters deep, where the steel pieces were inserted one by one, before being assembled on site.

According to the managing director of Bordignon Group, Walter Bordignon, hot dip galvanizing is a “perfect system for creating eternal works, and we are fighting to allow it to be used also on road and railway bridges. We are convinced that the future of maxi works is precisely in hot dip galvanizing “.

For Bordignon it is not the first time in Milan: he has also put his hand in the famous Shard of Glass, officially Torre Gioia 22, with galvanized steel inside its structural core.

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