Superbonus 110%, how to renovate your house almost for free

Among the numerous measures contained in the Relaunch Decree, which entered into force on May 19, 2020, the Council of Ministers also approved the so-called Superbonus 110%, an interesting benefit for all those who need to renovate their homes, an incentive to make their own houses more efficient houses from an energy point of view.

In particular, you are entitled to a 110% rate for the deduction of expenses related to the increase in energy efficiency incurred from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2022, for interventions carried out at home or in a condominium. In practice, it is possible to carry out work at no cost, as long as it is within the limits established by the decree, equal to 50 thousand euros.

110% of the expenses incurred is reimbursed in 5 equal annual installments, as a credit compensation from taxes, within the limits of the tax capacity deriving from the tax return. But an important novelty concerns the possibility of choosing an advance contribution, corresponding to a discount on the invoice applied directly by the suppliers, or the transfer of credit corresponding to the deduction, to banks or other institutions, as suppliers of goods and services, credit institutions , financial intermediaries or other entities.

Individuals (maximum of two real estate units), condominiums, cooperatives and ONLUS are entitled to the Superbonus 110%. The deduction is up to the owners, usufructuaries, tenants and cohabiting family members of the owner.

What are the interventions of the Superbonus 110%

The restructuring interventions that can be carried out using the Superbonus 110% are divided into leading (or main) interventions and towed (or additional) interventions. In particular, driving interventions are defined:

  • thermal insulation works on the envelopes, relating to walls and roofs, provided that their volume is greater than 25% of that of the entire building. For example, the insulation of the roof, the laying of the thermal coat or the renovation of the fixtures.
  • the replacement of winter air conditioning systems with centralized heating and cooling systems in class at least A, solar collectors or condensing boilers.
  • the anti-seismic interventions, already part of the Sismabonus

Alongside the driving interventions, there are other interventions of minor importance, called towed. They can only be carried out together with at least one of the leading interventions, and are:

  • energy efficiency measures
  • installation of photovoltaic systems connected to the electricity grid, or of storage systems
  • installation of charging stations for electric vehicles
  • elimination of architectural barriers relating to lifts and hoists

How to get the 110% bonus

In order to join the Superbonus 110%, it is necessary to acquire the compliance visa for the data relating to the documentation, issued by accountants, accountants, labor consultants or CAF, and above all the technical certification that certifies on the one hand compliance with the necessary requirements, on the other hand, the appropriateness of expenses.

At the start of the works an energy performance certificate (APE) must be presented, which assesses the energy class of the building. At the end of the work a second one must be drawn up; between the two there must be an improvement of at least two energy classes.

A practical example

So let’s suppose to carry out works equal to 20 thousand euros, for energy efficiency, and take advantage of the 110% Superbonus to recover them. In practice, 110% more credit is obtained, ie 22 thousand euros. They will be recovered in the 5 subsequent tax returns, in equal measure, ie with a “discount” on taxes of 4400 euros per year.

Alternatively, you can opt for the discount on the invoice, i.e. the works will be free. In this case, you give up on the extra but you are sure not to spend on renovating the house.

Finally, the transfer of credit: the banks have recently been issuing numerous offers to purchase the tax credit obtained from the 110% Superbonus: it is necessary to carefully evaluate which offer is the best, and decide accordingly.

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