Milan, the real estate sector healthier than ever

The real estate market in Milan is healthier than ever. Judging by the construction sites in the city it was intuitive, but to confirm this now there are also the numbers of the Real Estate DATA HUB report published by RE / MAX Italy, relating to the first two quarters of 2022. For lovers of real estate statistics, the report is a real and his own godsend: you can find at a glance a series of very interesting information. An anticipation? In Milan there are mostly two-room apartments, while the average size is 70 square meters, a figure lower than the national average. What about the rest?

The study

The study, available at this address, shows that during the first two quarters of 2022, i.e. in the months from January to June inclusive, the trend in demand remained very high. In particular, the first quarter was even brilliant, with an increase of 36% compared to 2021, even if, it must be said, during the pandemic the market slowed down considerably.

The difficulty in acquiring emerges compared to last year, and this raises the index of transactions compared to the assignments, equal to 43% during the first quarter and 44% in the second. More or less stable, but during the months from April to June the positions acquired were greater.

Let’s talk now about the days spent on the market. In Milan there was a big difference between 2021 and 2022: if in the second quarter of 2021 it took on average 103 days to rent a house, in the same period of this year the figure dropped to just 48 days, a full 10 days less than the national average. As for sales, on the other hand, they materialize in just under 4 months, 103 days to be exact, a figure practically equivalent to 2021 when there were 105 days.

Finally, bad news with regard to the green aspect of Milan: 42.6% of the houses in the Lombard capital are positioned in class G, which is the latest energy class. Those who live in class A are only 5.4% of the Milanese population, while for the other classes there is a constant decrease from F to B: in particular, 21.8% of the houses are in class F, 13.9 % in class E, 7.6% in class D, 5.4% in class C and 3.5% in class B.

House prices in Milan

Another very interesting data to analyze is the average of prices. The increase is 8.1% compared to 2021, so much so that in the second quarter of 2022, rents are spent up to 17.8 euros per square meter. This means that a three-room apartment of 80 square meters costs up to 1400-1500 euros per month, much higher than in the rest of Italy. The Real Estate DATA HUB report also provides an interesting point of view, namely that of the price variability in the different areas of Milan.

And it is here that we see the interest of the Milanese (or future ones) for the different districts: the only areas where the price has dropped are Corvetto, Lodi and Forlanini, with a collapse in double figures, of -12, 6%, but it must be said that behind the numbers there is always a reason: last year there was in fact a significant increase in prices due to urban redevelopment projects, such as the Porta Romana airport and the new metro line, and therefore costs have seen a correction this year.

The other areas of the Lombard capital are almost all on the rise in terms of rental prices. Città Studi – Lambrate with + 13.2%, Certosa-Quarto Oggiaro-Villa Pizzone with + 10.4% and Fiera-Firenze-Sempione with + 9.4% stand out.

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