Expensive rentals in Milan, a problem on everyone’s lips

By now everyone knows that Milan is expensive. But for some time now, even non-Milanese people have been talking about it, thanks above all to a series of surveys and reports published by the main national newspapers following reports from users. Yes, we are referring to rentals. This is a market that truly knows no crisis.

Milan is in fact one of the liveliest and most fascinating cities in Italy, with a cultural and work offer that attracts people from all over the world. And it is precisely for this reason that the demand for living there is very high, and consequently, one of the main problems that newcomers have to face is the high rent. It represents a major concern for those trying to find accommodation in the city.

According to the latest statistics, the average price of a rental in Milan is around 1,200 euros per month, but this price can vary considerably depending on the area where the apartment is located. The central areas of the city, such as Brera, Navigli and Porta Venezia, are among the most expensive, with rents often exceeding 1,500 euros per month for a two-room apartment. Even peripheral areas, such as San Siro and Lorenteggio, have seen an increase in rental prices in recent years, but are still more accessible than in central areas.

«I live in a single room with a bed, table, sofa and wardrobe and at the entrance there is what I call the kitchen, with two cabinets. It’s 30 square meters including the balcony, which is bigger than the house». These are the words of Tania Tommasini, a thirty-one year old aspiring stylist, who has chosen Milan to build a future for herself. The Lombard city, however, also has the sad record of the most expensive city in Italy for the rental market. In fact, data from idealista.it from 2022 show that a rental house in Milan costs 21.7 euros per square meter, a value that almost doubles the national average, set at 11.40 euros. For the curious, second place in the ranking goes to Venice with 17.60 euros per square metre, third Florence with 16.30 euros, fourth Bologna with 15.80. Only fifth Rome, with 14.1 euros per square meter, even if in the capital there are strong disparities between the different districts, so much so that 4 areas have prices even lower than the national average.

The causes of high rents

One of the main factors that have led to the increase in rental prices in Milan is the increase in demand, especially from young professionals and university students looking for accommodation close to their places of work or study. This has led to increased competition among potential tenants, resulting in higher rental prices.

Another factor that has contributed to the increase in rental prices in Milan is the increase in property management costs. Taxes on homeowners have increased in recent years, and many homeowners have decided to pass these costs on to their tenants, thereby increasing rental prices.

What to do to spend less

Despite the increase in rental prices in Milan, there are a few things prospective tenants can do to try to reduce the cost of rent. For example, you may consider sharing an apartment with other people in order to split the costs. Furthermore, you can look for apartments in slightly more peripheral areas, which offer more affordable prices than in the central areas of the city.

However, the situation is not easy. So much so that the municipality of Milan, with the support of the Cariplo foundation, organized a three-day event to find a common solution to high rents, taking into account the real economic possibilities of citizens. It was held under the name of Forum dell’Abitare in Milan, in collaboration with MM. During the conference there were discussions between experts and institutions on the issue of the housing emergency. Solutions? few for now, but let’s stay at the window. Sergio Urbani, General Manager of the Cariplo Foundation, commented in fact that “a more structured action would be needed, which starts with housing policies, and then asks all operators to do their part”.

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