Where to buy a house in Milan in the south-western suburbs

The cost of housing in Milan has now become a national issue: from north to south, people talk about how much real estate costs in the Lombard capital, both for sale and for rent. Among the madly in love with Milan, among those who recommend moving to the suburbs, among those who directly think of leaving the city and taking refuge in the countryside, opinions and ideas – as always – are manifold.

But the facts remain: it is news from a few days ago that even in Corvetto, one of the notoriously cheaper areas of Milan, prices have reached a record average of 4,200 euros per square metre, a figure that definitely causes a sensation, especially when associated with another, i.e. a 25% increase in prices between the beginning of 2020 and the beginning of 2023 in the neighborhoods between Corvetto and Piazza Agrippa.

Common opinion that the area that insists on the Roman airport will see continuous increases also in the coming years, given that it is the area of Milan that will be most radically transformed, thanks to the construction of the Olympic village for the 2026 Winter Olympics, the A2A tower and upon completion of Symbiosis. Alongside these new urban developments, the maxi student residence by Hines should not be forgotten, where the agricultural consortium once stood, which will bring new youth to the city, and consequently new shops, bars, restaurants and public establishments.

The expensive house also affects the peripheral districts therefore, so much so that the Fimaa price list, drawn up on a constant sample over time, gives the Vigentino as a maximum value 4500 euros per square metre, a figure that will even be surpassed thanks to the presence of the new “smart house” by Pininfarina, which will be built in viale Ortles, which will bring the prices of the neighborhood even higher.

For statistics lovers, new buildings cost between 3400 and 4300 euros per square meter in Barona-Famagusta, with a variation of 22% on a three-year basis. Ronchetto is doing better, which costs between 2,600 and 3,400 euros per square metre, with a variation of “only” 13 percentage points. The most marked increases, in addition to the aforementioned Corvetto, are those of Ripamonti-Vigentino with +25.4% and Agrippa-Abbiategrasso, with +24.6%.

The municipalities of the hinterland

It is often said that buying a house outside Milan is convenient. Of course, there won’t be the prices of Piazza Duomo, but in any case, even in the surrounding municipalities, the prices per square meter of properties are more than double the Italian average. Just consider the municipalities in zones 3, 4 and 5 of ATM pricing, with San Donato Milanese leading the ranking thanks to prices that reach 4,500 euros per square meter near the subway stop, followed by Basiglio with 4,300 euros per square metre.

Indeed, the data are slightly inconsistent, since San Donato Milanese is to all intents and purposes a district of Milan, while Basiglio is strongly influenced by Milano 3, where 80% of the population lives, and which has one of the highest per capita incomes of Italy.

In the other municipalities of the hinterland the situation improves slightly: for Opera and Rozzano 2700 euros per square meter is “enough” to buy a house, but they are certainly not the areas with the most “appeal” in Milan and its surroundings.

And what about the rentals? The Fimaa price list is short but intense: a 70 square meter house in San Donato Milanese costs over 1000 euros a month, while in Corsino and Buccinasco around 700 euros a month. Things are better in Melegnano, with 500 euros a month.

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