The latest sales of dream properties in Milan

The Milanese real estate market, as we know, is in constant turmoil. But in recent days even more: there have in fact been three millionaire trades, dream homes that would be the envy of anyone. Obviously, the prices of the three properties are certainly not affordable for everyone, but these are historic buildings in the center whose cost is, at least partially, justified.

We are talking about a 7.5 million euro apartment in Brera, an 8 million euro super-penthouse in Porta Venezia, and a 2000 square meter Art Nouveau villa worth 22 million euro.

Millionaire sales in Milan

Let’s start from the apartment in Brera, to be precise in via Cavalieri del Santo Sepolcro: it measures 600 square meters and has a large private garden, and among its illustrious guests there was even Ridley Scott, who stayed there during the shooting of the film House of Gucci.

The penthouse of Porta Venezia instead is the former property of Salvatore Ligresti, and its walls have hosted numerous meetings between politicians and heads of state. It is a mega apartment of 750 square meters, with 250 square meters of terraces from which you can admire all of Milan from above.

Finally, the villa. In reality we are not talking about a “simple” residence, but of Villa Mondadori, a splendid property of 2000 square meters built in Art Nouveau style. Located in via XX Settembre at the corner of via Tamburini, it was designed at the end of the nineteenth century for the entrepreneur Pasquale Crespi, and is equipped with 15 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms and a spa area with gyms, as well as not just details, such as cinema and bar.


As often happens on occasions like these, little or nothing is known about who bought these dream homes in Milan. What is known is that the negotiations were managed by Barbara Magro, who has a clear picture of the situation with her real estate agency dedicated to luxury properties. In fact, the owner claims that the economic crisis, despite having caused damage within the middle class, has not affected the luxury sector, since “for every top-level home that arrives on the market there are at least three offers.

There is a steadily growing demand, although the supply remains relatively low, because those who own a house of this type do not want to sell it. “However, negotiations are never simple: it is not so much a question of price, as due to high demand for the agreement is easy to find.Mrs. Magro affirms that the problem derives from “bureaucratic procedures, which make the whole negotiation last even a year”.

The three properties in question were however purchased by historic Italian families, returning to Milan after the pandemic and a life spent between London and New York.

Other luxury real estate transactions in Milan

Luca Marotta is the owner of the prestigious real estate agency in Milan, and in recent years, despite economic crises and various pandemics, he has managed to land several hits. For example, an entire building located in via Bigli, which extends over 3000 square meters and is equipped with a private swimming pool and spa. The price? Certainly not within everyone’s reach: in fact, we are talking about 45 million euros.

Another mind-boggling deal concerns a 350 square meter apartment in via dei giardini. Not so much for the figure (about 6 million euros, which are obviously a lot but still lower than the prices we have mentioned in this article), as for the price per square meter. In fact, making a quick calculation, this sale ended with the stellar price of 18 thousand euros per square meter.

And what about covid? Barbara Magro states without hesitation that “even during the pandemic, luxury trading never stopped, and today, once the health emergency phase has passed, they have resumed even more vigorously“.

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