Milan will have a new stadium for Inter and Milan

It’s official: Milan will have a new stadium.

The news arrives like a bomb, and it is one of those that really make a lot of noise. Milan and Inter have chosen the project presented by the Populous studio, called “The Cathedral”. A futuristic stadium that looks to the third millennium, and that will forever revolutionize the way of understanding matches in the city.

In particular, the new stadium in Milan will be built in place of the old Meazza, the historic home of the two teams of the city, within the same area, that of San Siro, which will be completely reconfigured. A real neighborhood dedicated to sport and leisure will therefore be born, flanked by a public park of about 50 thousand square meters.

The area, and consequently the entire district, will be entirely pedestrian, and 40% of it will be used as green areas. The car parks will be completely underground (to date they represent 27% of the area) while most of the sports or recreational activities located outdoors will be free, or at least in agreement with the Municipality of Milan.

The Populous studio project is really important for the city, so much so that it is estimated that it takes a few months to present it: the goal is to finish it in mid-2022, thanks to a joint work between the Italian office and the EMEA team. from London.

The Cathedral, the new stadium of Inter and Milan

As mentioned, the new project, and presumably the new stadium, will be called La Cattedrale. The reason is given by the inspiration of the designers from the Milan Cathedral, and from the adjacent Vittorio Emanuele gallery. Impossible to confuse with other stadiums in the world, it will be a state-of-the-art facility for both innovation and eco-sustainability.

In fact, the Cathedral will be LEED certified, as the most effective and recent technologies in terms of energy saving will be used for its construction, also managing to reduce noise emissions. In short, a zero-impact stadium, which will guarantee excellent levels also as regards the accessibility and comfort of the fans, who will be able to enjoy a perfect quality of vision and atmosphere, which accompanied by numerous services will allow spectators to enjoy unparalleled involvement.

The satisfaction of Inter and Milan

Two executives from Inter and Milan spoke, respectively Inter CEO Alessandro Antonello and AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni.

Antonello says that the new Milan stadium “will allow the San Siro district to become a destination of excellence for sport and entertainment”, while the Cathedral will become “one of the most iconic stadiums in world football, a world-class home for Inter. and Milan and will be the beating heart of a new city district “.

For his part, Scaroni simply emphasizes that “The New San Siro will be the most beautiful stadium in the world”. He has strong words, but he is more than convinced of it, as the stadium will be “attractive, accessible and sustainable, which will represent a new icon for the city of Milan and will allow the development of the two clubs to be supported by strengthening their competitiveness on an international level”.

The Populous study in numbers

Populous is an international architecture firm with 21 offices, spread over 4 continents. In all, over 800 people work there, and this is enough to give an idea of the importance of the chosen project.

In the last 38 years, the studio has carried out over 3200 projects, the most important of which are certainly the Wembley and Sydney stadiums, respectively the theater of the 2012 and 2000 Olympics. But not only: their presence in London continues with the Emirates Stadium and the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, which are flanked by majestic works such as the Yankee Stadium in New York or the Estadio Da Luz in Lisbon.

In addition, the studio also winks at the green. One of their latest works, Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena, has achieved sustainability standards never seen before in sports facilities, becoming the world’s first zero-emissions arena.

Source of images: Populous Official Site. All rights reserved.

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